Now you can take the “exceptional results” you get with our skin care to “stellar results,” thanks to skin needling. And what’s more, we’ve got proof.

Clinical studies from South Korea, Europe, and the United States have shown that derma rolling, or skin needling, can increase serum absorption by as much as 1000 times. (

The National Institute of Health in the U. S. also confirmed that skin needling vastly improves the absorption of skin care products. ( Of course, we already knew that! But it sure helps when the scientific community officially backs up what we see every day.

Skin needling creates microscopic channels in your skin. That’s why we recommend applying potent anti-ageing serums like vitamins E and C.

Skin needling allows these powerful antioxidants to penetrate much further into the skin, and the results are easy to see and appreciate.

Skin needling pulls double duty, working below the surface of the skin and topically. That means every penny you invest in our skin care will yield up to 1000% better results with skin needling. Now that’s cost effective!

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