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Help For Dry Skin With Blackheads By Beauty Salon Hobbiton – Call Us On 07 888 9960

Help for Dry Skin with Blackheads-Beauty Salon Matamata - Gloss Beauty Boutique 07 888 9960Blackheads are a particular challenge for dry skin types. While exfoliating scrubs and acne medications help reduce them, these products can be irritating as well.

The approach must be a gentle one to get rid of this pesky skin problem. There are several ways to do it:

• A non-irritating scrub-We offer a very gentle scrub for this skin condition with small, smooth round granules that carefully loosen blackheads. No harsh crushed walnut shells here! Even sensitive skin loves it.

• Retinol-Use this chemical exfoliant, a derivative of vitamin A, to help unclog pores. As an added benefit, retinol stimulates collagen production, which fights fine lines and sun damage. We’ll create a customized plan on how often to use it.

• Ceramide Moisturizer-Dry skin magnifies wrinkles, so keep it hydrated. Avoid heavy, greasy moisturizers, as they will aggravate blackheads. A good moisturizer deeply penetrates, replenishing your skin’s natural protective barrier, without clogging your pores.

• Facials-Balance good home care with the power of professional facials. Used in conjunction with effective home care, facials provide long lasting results.

Professional quality skincare and treatments will get you the rapid results you want!

Help For Dry Skin With Blackheads – Call Us On 07 888 9960