The Myth Of Cloudy Days By Beauty Salon Hobbiton – Call Us On 07 888 9960

Use sunscreen even on cloudy days-Beauty Salon Matamata - Gloss Beauty Boutique 7 888 9960 Nope. Not ever. Never. In fact, don’t even think about it. You do need sunscreen on cloudy days! That’s because there is no such thing as a sunless day. It might be nowhere to be seen, but 80% of the sun’s UV rays still hit your skin.

And that means an 80% chance of increasing premature wrinkling, age spots, spider veins…get the picture?

Car windows block UVB rays but let in UVA rays, which cause the premature signs of aging. And on snowy days? Those UV rays reflect off of it.

So don’t save sunscreen for just the beach or summer or when you feel like wearing it. It really is important to protect yourself all year round!

The Myth Of Cloudy Days – Call Us On 07 888 9960