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Facials are our signature treatments here at Gloss – we’re known for them because they are so good, they deliver the results they promise to, and are designed to really address the concerns people have with their skin, big or small.

Choosing to include Janesce skincare in our product range was simple. We love their philosophy, and the changes we see in skin using the internal support systems provided by the range, and complemented by the products. In fact, we talk about a “Janesce skin” as they do have a certain glow.

What is the Janesce philosophy? The Janesce skin care range has been formulated by a naturopath not a cosmetic chemist. Their priority and interest lies in skin health and the treatment and support of the skin as an organ.

The Janesce range reflects the principles that they believe constitute a healthy diet – pure, plant-based, wholesome and free from synthetic additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, colours or perfumes.

The varieties of the plants used in the Janesce range have been chosen because of their powerfully therapeutic effect. A healthy, well-functioning skin is more likely to remain beautiful and be better equipped to resist premature ageing.

Choose your Janesce facial. Choose from one of two Janesce facials, and revel in a hydrated, luminous skin:

  • Chill Me Out (45 mins) Our holistic signature facial uses organic, botanical skincare range, Janesce. This dreamy skin dance of massage, botanical therapy and fragrant relaxation will not only have your skin soothed and beautifully hydrated, but beautifully receptive to your aftercare treatment. $159
  • Pick Me Up (30min) You might be time poor, but you still deserve relaxation and results and the all-important Janesce soaking ritual. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask and aftercare application. $129