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The #1 Oily Skin Problem And How To Solve It By Beauty Salon Hobbiton – Call Us On 07 888 9960

Treating Oily skin using Hylaronic Acid-Beauty Salon Matamata - Gloss Beauty Boutique 7 888 9960If you’ve got oily skin, is it safe to say that you distrust moisturizers? You swear that they slick up your skin!

So let’s try a different approach here. Your skin gets greasy after a few hours because it doesn’t have enough water in it. The unfortunate result is an oil slick on your face.

There is one product you may find trustworthy to dramatically reduce oil and give you the relief you want—without drying out your skin. It’s called hyaluronic acid (HA) and it’s a perfect match for oily skin types. Here’s why.

HA is a naturally occurring compound in your body. It’s whole reason for existing is to ensure proper bodily moisture.

Applying an HA product regularly will:

• Help normalize your skin’s moisture balance–that means better control over the oil your skin produces.

• Keep your face from looking shiny

• Help reduce acne-prone skin

Hyaluronic acid paired with aloe vera is even better. It soothes your skin while HA hydrates your thirsty skin.

If you’ve got oily skin, please talk to us about using hyaluronic acid as an integral part of your skin care. (200)


The #1 Oily Skin Problem And How To Solve It – Call Us On 07 888 9960