Massage & Body Treatments


Pure Indulgence

Feel the stress melt away and enjoy an invigorating or relaxing massage as you are cleansed,  polished and moisturised with botanicals, marine extracts and blissful essential oils.

The soothing effects of the various techniques will leave you feeling revitalised and cocooned in a luxurious afterglow.

Aroma Luxe Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage  30 mins$69
Aroma Luxe Full Body Massage60 mns$119
Foot & Leg Massage30 mins$69
Hot Stone Back Massage30 mins$95

Body Treatments

Invigorating Body Polish30 mins$68
Body Polish & Moisture Massage 45 mins$119
Aroma Luxe Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage  – 30 mins$69
Aroma Luxe Full Body Massage – 60 mns$119
Foot & Leg Massage – 30 mins$69
Hot Stone Back Massage – 30 mins$95

Body Treatments

Invigorating Body Polish – 30 mins$68
Body Polish & Moisture Massage – 45 mins$119
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