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Facials & Skin Rejuvenation


Tailored Results Facial Treatments

Gloss Facials are specifically tailored for you and your skin. Your Skin Therapist will design a specific treatment customised to meet your skin’s needs, which combines deep cleansing, exfoliation, hydration & massage to lift, firm and tone the skin. These facials address all skin conditions including acne, congestion, ageing, discolouration, diffused redness & dullness. You will leave feeling refreshed and radiant, with your skin on its way to looking and feeling healthy. Our products use active ingredients, meaning we need to carefully address any issues you have, and prescribe exactly what you need to secure changes to your skin health.

Pick Me Up (30min) – $129

You might be time poor, but you still deserve relaxation and results. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, mask and aftercare application.  

Glow Getter (45min)  –  $169

Achieve ultimate radiance with this powerful oxygenating enzyme treatment. Brighten, hydrate and give skin a radiant glow with this targeted facial.  

Pigment Be Gone  (45min) – $169

A vitamin infusion peel especially for pigmentation and age correction, using BioWhite – a unique biomimetic peptide that provides optimal whitening and lightening effects for the skin. With concentrated levels of Vitamin C, antioxidants, Niacinamide and natural fruit acids this treatment has the power to stimulate cellular turnover whilst protecting collagen and elastin. Annti-ageing, hydrating, brightening, nourishing and anti-inflammatory all in one!

Bright Recovery Cool Peel (45min) – $169

Invigorating facial treatment ideal for those experiencing toxin build up and blemishes – from breakouts to pigmentation and scarring. Benefit from a deep cleanse, cool peel and soothing
alginate mask.

Chill Me Out (45mins) – $164

Our holistic signature facial uses the organic, botanical skincare range, Janesce. This dreamy skin dance of massage, botanical therapy and fragrant relaxation will not only have your skin soothed and beautifully hydrated, but beautifully receptive to your aftercare treatment.

PRIN Lymphatic Mask Therapy (75mins) – $179

Formulated tightening mask designed to work with your circulatory system creating a detoxification that is vital for skin health and wellbeing. It supports the process of removing waste
through our lymphatic system and nourishes our cells and
tissues via our blood supply. Perfect pre-event treatment –
but its glow just keeps improving days after the therapy

Let There Be Light  (60mins) – $189

Enjoy the ultimate in facials, incorporating the best of nature and science. Designed to target skin issues at a cellular level, you will enjoy the benefits of an enzyme treatment, serum application and LED light therapy to target specific concerns. Of course you’ll be pampered and massaged too!

Ginger and Me Mindfulness Skin Therapy (60min) – $179

Forget the noise and motion of the outside world and focus on a guided mindfulness session that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire you to ‘choose your tude’. This is the perfect experience if you want to skin-correct plus the bonus of hydration, relaxation and self-care.

G&M Neurocosmedics Clinical Spa Treatment (30min) – $139

Ginger & Me introduces its Clinical Spa Treatment. Perfect for time poor, skin focused individuals wanting a no fuss treatment with all the results.

Other Treatments

Skin Consult – $79 redeemable

What you do at home with your skin, contributes to 80% of the results you will achieve. Let us look at your skin closely, and prescribe the active products necessary to meet its’ needs and your desired outcome. Remember, everyone’s skin is different, don’t expect the results your friend has just because you use the same product.

*Diagnosis cost is redeemable on product purchased on day of consultation

Naturopathic Consultation – $129

A special & very extensive naturopathic consultation is available and is highly recommended for clients with problem skin. Comprehensive advice is given regarding nutrition & topical product application.

Cosmetic Injectables

Our highly trained and experienced appearance medicine specialist, visits our salon every six weeks, offering skin solutions with cosmetic injectable treatments using BotoxÒ and dermal fillers. Complement your facial treatments and skin care with long-lasting, safe and results driven treatments we know you’ll love. Talk to us to learn more. 

Advanced Treatments

Our clients are loving the ability to deal with irritating skin spots at Gloss, and the aesthetic focus we have on skin results means that you will certainly be looking your best in no time.

Derma Planing

Goodbye ‘peach fuzz’, hello smooth, hair free skin. Remove dead skin cells, reveal fresh, luminous skin which is primed to receive aftercare products at optimum absorption.

Full Face 30 minutes $119
Added to a facial 30 minutes  $85


Advanced micro-needling is an incredible treatment to address fine lines & wrinkles, acne and acne scarring, ageing/sun damage, enlarged pores, stretch marks, cellulite, pigmentation, vitiligo, seborrheic keratosis and problematic skin. Micro-needling causes tiny punctures to the skin which produce collagens as it heals, creating a more youthful appearance to the skin surface, actively fighting antibodies beneath.

Single Treatment $399
Recommended initial course of 6x treatments taken $349 each
Add on UBER peel to intensify your results $79

Uber Peel

Uber & MD line reduction treatment $99


Brings you a painless, safe option for the removal of unwanted, benign and superficial lesions on the surface of the skin such as warts, skin tags, verrucae, milia, cherry angiomas, scars and resistant hyperpigmentation. This state-of-the art treatment uses extreme cold – known as cryotherapy – in the form of nitrous oxide gas which is ejected under high pressure to the skin.

Single Treatment up to 3 lesions in one area $69
Bundle Treatment up to 9 lesions in one area $129

Healite ll

Low level light therapy with HEALITE ll is the therapeutic use of light at a cellular level. Improve skin healing (acne, rosacea and irritated, broken skin), enjoy rejuvenated and more youthful outcomes for your complexion.

This treatment is a game-changer, we know you will love it as much as we do. Talk to your skin therapist about HEALITE ll and your skin.

Course of 5 LED’s  (worth $475)  $399
Course of 9 LED’s (worth $855) $649
Single Treatment $95
Add on to any treatment $65

Detox Far Infra Red Sauna

Individual 30 minutes $35
2 person 30 minutes  $45
Concession card x 10 visits 30 minutes  $200

Want more?

Take your treatment to the next level with these Boost Me UP high performance treatment enhancers, and get your GLOSS on!!

Rapid eye repair eye mask $29
Power peel enzyme $45
Vitamin infusion spot treated areas $39
Intensive regenerative mask $29