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This Facial Tool is the Secret to Better Skin

Everyone should include Gua Sha in their beauty regimen! Give yourself a spa-level facial massage in the comfort of your own bathroom.

You’ve probably heard of jade rollers, but mark our words— gua sha is the next Eastern medicine skincare tool you need to try ASAP. Gua sha is a modality of traditional Chinese medicine that uses a tool to run over the skin. While gua sha tools can be used all over the body, they’re especially beneficial for the face.

Gua sha means to ‘scrape away illnesses,’ and involves using a tool with a lubricated ointment or facial oil to scrape the skin in one direction repeatedly.

The art of Gua Sha feels cooling and soothing—plus, it can help boost lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and inflammation. While those are instantaneous benefits, there’s also a long-term play: Gua sha can help stimulate collagen production to fill fine lines and boost skin elasticity. Plus, using your Gua Sha tool is just a lovely moment of self-care.

We are so excited to share that O Cosmedics has just launched the next generation of Gua Sha – say hello to the O-Rejuv!

The ultimate home-care system designed to lift, plump, firm, tone, rejuvenate, clear and detoxify the skin, the O-Rejuv is like a gym session for your skin. Compact, non-invasive, and multifunctional, the O-Rejuv works by combining thermal massage, low-level EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology and red and blue LED therapy to stimulate the skin’s micro-circulation and oxygenate for healthier blood flow and nutrient delivery resulting in glowing, toned, healthy skin.


Fusing the practice of Gua Sha – a traditional massage technique that involves slow, steady strokes that can create the appearance of lift, tone, clarity and brightness in the face both immediately, and with enhanced results over time – with advanced skin technology, the O-Rejuv features four models in one device…

Mode One

Collagen + Elastin: Supports collagen production, reduces fine lines, restores skin texture and tone, improves circulation, reduces inflammation and puffiness, brightens and rejuvenates

In Mode one, the O-Rejuv glows with red LED light for collagen stimulation as the sculpted, smooth silver Gua Sha edge gently warms to provide a beautiful thermal massage. Smooth, upward facial strokes reduce fine lines and restore skin texture and tone, while the warm thermal massage improves skin circulation and increases product penetration whilst reducing inflammation and puffiness.

Mode Two

Clear + Purify: Detoxifies and clears, calms and soothes, improves circulation, brightens and rejuvenates, reduces inflammation and puffiness

Press twice for Blue! Combined with powerful negative microcurrents, the blue LED offers a true at home anti-bacterial approach. Using outward and downward motion allows for a lmphatic detoxification – for example, towards the ear or alternatively tonsil to armpit motion. this mode regulates sebum, calms, and soothes acne and inflamed skin, whilst brightening and oxygenating the skin.

Mode Three

Lift + Firm: Lifts and firms, increases muscle stimulation, facial contouring, reduces fine lines, improve skin texture and complexion

Three clicks for flashing red LED and low-level EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) for a next level facial workout for your facial muscles! Pressing onto the skin with slow, steady, upward strokes you will notice the EMS delivers a tingling sensation to stimulate facial muscles and nerves to both tighten and fim. This mode helps to contour the face and sculpt the jawline. Feeling too tingly? No worries! Double click for vibration to still experience the ting without the zing.


Mode Four

Tone + Plump: Intensify each mode with this additional vibration mode

Double click to activate Mode 4 to vibrate and deepen your experience, whether lifting, firming, detoxing, or purifying. This added massage increases microcirculation which will oxygenate and brighten the skin, rejuvenate, and increases product penetration.

How to Use a Gua Sha Tool

Ideally, we advise making gua sha a five-minute ritual as part of your skincare routine. Apply a little serum or youth-activating balm to your face so that the tool glides more smoothly, then stroke or gently scrape it against the skin in small strokes across your face, moving down toward the neck to promote drainage and then upward on your forehead for a lifting effect.

Like any beauty tool, you will want to clean it regularly—soap and water will get the job done, or a quick spritz of clini-prep.

Pop into the clinic to see the O-Rejuv in action and learn how to best use it in your routine.

Or purchase an O-Rejuv online here