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Why You Should Get Your Feet Tuned Up

You can get a tune up for your car, but did you know you can get a tune up for your feet? But unlike a car tune up, this won’t cost you a fortune. Pedicures are the healthiest and most pleasurable thing you can do for your feet. You definitely want to keep your...

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Hidden Causes Of Acne

Having skin prone to acne means you have to put skincare in your top priority. Acne-prone skin has four to five times more skin cells than other skin types. This means you have to be careful with the products you use. Various styling products have oil, silicones and...

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Habits that Sabotage the Skin

Skin saboteurs…. There are three common habits that can wreak havoc on your skin. Let’s see what they are and what you can do about them. Keeping outdated cosmetics – If you can’t remember the last time you used it, it’s probably been longer than three months. Throw...

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Skincare For Combination Skin

Having combination skin is dreadful. You have to deal with both oily and dry skin, very contradicting conditions. With advances in skincare treatment, it’s not so difficult to treat combination skin nowadays. First, you need to set up a skin consult. That way, we can...

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How To Get The Perfect Manicure

How do you get perfect looking nails? What’s the right manicure for you? Here are our tips to have the perfect manicure: French Manicures—Always a classic look, French manicures make your nails look longer. Wear paler shades for serious moments like a job interview....

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When Your Skin Is Suffocating

Life can be a bit of a whirlwind at times. Family, work, kids, can take up all 24 hours of your day. And at the end of the day, when you’re all stressed and utterly exhausted, one of the things greatly affected is your skin. Stress chokes everything about your life,...

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Trying To Look Young But Failing?

As we get older, we sometimes get stuck in old patterns. We stick to the same routine even though our bodies are screaming for a change. So how can you know if you are one of these people? Here are three telltale mistakes that signal somebody’s stuck in a flashback: •...

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Can Healthy Foods Really Satisfy Those Awful Cravings?

Ugh! They’ve got you in a death grip and won’t let go. Cravings are the worst, aren’t they? Especially when you’ve made the commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Here are two sweet treats that can help satisfy your craving and still keep you on the healthy path. Love...

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The Facts Of Cellulite

There are a lot of information regarding cellulite. Some are myths and some do speak the truth. But how can we tell which is which? Here are some facts that may help in dealing with this condition. Women get more cellulite than men Yes, women do tend to carry more fat...

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The Weight Of The World Stops Here

It might seem like your boss controls everything you do, but it’s not really true. Actually, that would be your Central Nervous System, your body’s main computer. Tight work deadlines, family responsibilities, not to mention the pressure you put on yourself, all add...

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